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Investors are the fuel that runs the Canopy ecosystem. We work closely with each investor to ensure a good fit, both in terms of investment and culture. Our community of investors works closely to help us select, mentor, and fund the portfolio companies.


New Investment Opportunities!

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Investor Profile

We’re often asked “who invests in Canopy funds?” It is a difficult question to answer simply because our investors span a wide range of backgrounds, industries, financial circumstances, and motivations. We have investors from all over the United States. Active investors with several angel investments. Passive investors with minimal investment experience. But, one defining characteristic of our investor community is belief in the opportunity presented by the cannabis industry.

We encourage our investors to be active participants by volunteering to mentor, helping select companies for each class, and otherwise engaging with the Canopy community.

Some Legal Details

All Canopy funds are closed-end funds open only to accredited investors. These are high-risk, illiquid investments in startup firms. We invest in the legal cannabis industry and our focus is on ancillary products and services.

Investor Signup

CB4 – 2018 Accelerator Fund

$2 million closed-end venture fund

Seed-stage (pre-revenue companies)

18-20 investments in 2018

CanopyVentures I

$20 million venture fund

Series A Stage ($1.5+ rounds)

12-15 Investments