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In The News

Canopy is the definitive resource for seed-stage investment in the legal cannabis market

Brookings InstituteAccelerating growth: Startup accelerator programs in the United States by Ian Hathaway

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Forbes – The Cannabusiness Oracle: Starlight Mundy by Stephanie Burns

Fortune – Investors finally seeing marijuana’s high market potential by Jennifer Alsever

Fox 31 Denver – Boulder company puts pot-based startups through bootcamp by CNN Wire – Cannabis Industry Experts Say Bitcoin is Not the Answer for Un-Banked Marijuana Businesses by Hal Brundrick

International Business Times – Marijuana Legalization 2015: Leaf’s Cannabis Grow System Aims To Turn Home Grows Into A Smartphone Accessory by Joel Warner

International Business Times – Can CanopyBoulder, The World’s First Cannabis Accelerator, Prove There’s Substance Behind The Marijuana Startup Hype? by Joel Warner

MainStreet – How to Start Your Own Marijuana Business: Stake Your Cannabis Claim by Hal Bundrick

Natural Products Insider – Medical Marijuana Research: Where Do We Stand?

SFGate – Pot biz incubator to launch in SF by David Downs

TheNextWeb – 6 tech startups sowing seeds for the future of cannabis by Jelle Van Wijhe

UpStart – CanopyBoulder steers funding to businesses behind the marijuana industry by Monica Mendoza

Vice – Talking Weed Business with America’s First Cannabis-Focused Startup Accelerator by Zachary Schwartz

VentureBeat – Cannabis startup Tradiv is raising $1M to connect growers and sellers by Harrison Weber

Wall Street Daily – Pot Is Now a Full-Fledged Service Industry by Shelley Goldberg

Washington Post – D.C.’s pot expo: Less Cheech and Chong, more Berkshire Hathaway by John Woodrow Cox

WeedBlog – CanopyBoulder Announces Slate Of Fall Marijuana Business Startups by Johnny Green